Ellen Hudson-Heck, USF

PhD Student, University of South Florida College of Marine ScienceEHH1

Bio: My name is Ellie Hudson-Heck and I am a Chemical Oceanography student at the University of South Florida, College of Marine Science. I am originally from Cleveland, Ohio where I attend The College of Wooster for my undergraduate degree. As an undergrad I learned very quickly that I had an interest in analytical chemistry as well as anthropogenic influences on the environment. I wanted to take concepts and techniques from analytical chemistry and apply them to the environment. Marine science is a field that allows me to achieve that goal, and more. When I am not in the lab I usually am rock climbing or roller blading, which means I will need to find another means of working out while on the ship. This is my first time being at sea, but I am very excited for the opportunity to join this team of researchers!

What I’m doing on this cruise: During the GOMECC-3 cruise our lab will be collecting water samples to monitor pH and carbonate in the Gulf of Mexico. These parameters are measured using a spectrophotometric technique.