Gabriela Cervantes, UABC

PhD Student, University Autonomous Baja California, Oceanographic Research Institute


Bio: I’m an oceanographer training in chemical oceanography with a particular interest in: dynamics and drivers that control the carbonate system and biogeochemical modeling. It is not my first time on a research cruise, I have participated in many oceanographic campaigns in the Pacific with other institutions. However, It would be my first opportunity to participate in an expedition with an institution such as NOAA. My research subject is the CO2 system and flows and how the dynamics are at the Gulf of Mexico in the deep zones, as well as using a biogeochemical model. The results of this experience would be a goal and feedback as a PhD student.

What I’m doing on this cruise: We will perform surface measurements using a SeaFet sensor in underway mode to measure in real time every two minutes. This is done with the purpose of making maps of pH and surface temperature in the Gulf of Mexico.