Sunset copy
One of the many beautiful sunset views from the ship. Photo Credit: Leah Chomiak.

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Pic 4
Sunset. Image credit: Joletta Silva
Pic 3 (1)
Dolphins playing by the side of the Ron Brown. Image credit: Joletta Silva
Briefcases filled with the 10-cm cuvettes we use for spectrophotometric pH and carbonate measurements. The cases make it easy for us to transport our samples to and from the CTD rosette. Photo credit: Jon Sharp.
picture 6
Seawater samples from greater than 3000 meters deep (left side) to the surface (right side) that have been mixed with m-cresol purple dye display an impressive spectrum of colors. Photo credit: Jon Sharp.
gomecc sunset
Sunset over the open ocean. Image credit: Jon Sharp


NOAA ship Ron Brown docked in Key West and ready for departure. Image credit: Florida Keys NMS