Jesus Cano Compaire, CICESE

PostDoc, Ensenada Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education, Dept. of Biological Oceanography


Bio: The GOMECC-3 cruise will be my third time on board of a research vessel through Gulf of Mexico waters. I think that this experience will be terrific, the wide scope of scientific participants from different fields with different objectives will give to all of us a chance of learn about others subjects.

Since I was a child my favorite TV programs were documentaries about oceans and marine ecosystems. When I was growing up I decided study Marine Sciences. During my BSc and MSc, a new world opened in front of me, oceans and seas were not only animals or plants! I learned that the most interesting thing may be hiding both in the first few meters of depth and along thousands of meters below the surface. After that I took the decision of study the marine environment from every possible angle, and now… see you soon in the GOMECC-3!

What I’m doing on this cruise: I am going in this cruise on behalf of the Ensenada Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education of México, and the University of Southern Mississippi (USA) to take zooplankton samples (the small animals that are drifting in oceans) to analyze the ichthyoplankton (the smallest life-cycle stage of fishes) species and their distribution through the Gulf of Mexico.


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