Joletta Silva, RSMAS

Graduate Student, University of Miami-RSMAS

IMG_4014Bio: Hello! I am currently enrolled in the Masters of Professional Science program at the University of Miami studying marine conservation. I am in the internship phase of my program, and have been completing a lot of travelling and research this summer. I went on a leisure dive trip to Saba island at the beginning of the summer, and after this was working on a research expedition to Cay Sal in the Bahamas completing queen conch population analyses through dive surveys(this was my first experience living and completing research at sea). Following this I spent two weeks in Cuba at the end of June doing research at a coral nursery in La Isla de Juventud. I am very excited to have the opportunity to participate on the GOMECC-3 research cruise and learn more about chemical oceanography, an area which I have yet to pursue. I will be completing dissolved inorganic carbon analysis during my time aboard, and will hopefully have a chance to help out with some of the other projects as well. I love being on and around the water, and cannot wait to spend more time living and working on a research vessel. This will be my longest time at sea, and I have heard some interesting stories from former cruise members. I can’t wait to meet everyone and set sail!

What I’m doing on this cruise: I will be working as a dissolved inorganic carbon technician alongside Patrick Mears. This can be used to help determine the pH of the ocean, and monitor changes over time and in differing locations.