Katelyn Schockman, USF

Graduate Student, University of South Florida College of Marine Sciencekatelyn_myakka

Bio: My name is Katelyn Schockman and I just finished my first year of graduate school at the College of Marine Science at the University of South Florida. I am studying to get my Master’s in Oceanography. My advisor is Dr. Bob Byrne, and our lab focuses on chemical oceanography and studies the carbonate system in the oceans through many parameters. I’ve always enjoyed chemistry, and that is what I studied at The Ohio State University for my undergraduate degree. Doing research here opened up many new avenues for me, and I realized I enjoyed chemistry most when I could apply it to environmental systems. I went on a study abroad in the Caribbean, and afterwards I knew for certain I wanted to study and research the oceans from a chemical view.

This will be my first time on a cruise ship, and my first time at sea for more than one day at a time. I’m both excited and nervous for this month at sea. Mostly I am honored to be able to be aboard with many awesome scientists performing cutting edge research. During this cruise I hope to meet the other scientists and get a taste of the research and techniques they are using. And on a personal note, I am really looking forward to some amazing sunrises and sunsets!

What I’m doing on this cruise: Our group will be measuring pH and DIC (dissolved inorganic carbon) of water samples collected using spectrophotometric techniques through the use of indicator dyes. Basically we use color and color changes to measure pH and DIC, which can give us an understanding of how the water column changes with depth and over time.