Kevin Sullivan, AOML/CIMAS

Senior Research Associate, University of Miami-RSMAS, CIMAS


Bio: I started going to sea as an undergraduate and continued while in graduate school.  Since being employed by UMiami, I have participated in 47 oceanographic expeditions on 19 different ships totaling over 41 months at sea with more than 44 different ports of call.  In February, 2011, I sailed from McMurdo in Antarctica, which completed my life’s list of continents.  The challenges of field expeditions (e.g. damaged/faulty equipment, disruptive weather, unrelenting work intervals) reveal much about participants.  The good ones are organized, thoughtful, and adaptive – finding relaxed paths to shared success.  I try to be a good one.

What I’m doing on this cruise: I will keep several instruments collecting data (pH, pCO2) from the continuously flowing surface seawater system.  These data will provide surface maps/contours.  I have primary responsibility for an instrument used to measure pCO2, the dissolved free carbon dioxide gas in the seawater.  These discrete samples will provide vertical profiles.

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