Leticia Barbero, AOML/CIMAS

Chief Scientist of GOMECC-3 Cruise, NOAA AOML/CIMAS


Bio: Growing up I always liked sciences and math and loved spending time in the water so it was probably inevitable that I would end up studying marine sciences, which offered a multidisciplinary approach to studying sciences and working in the ocean. I got my undergraduate degree at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, in the Canary Islands, and later did my PhD there as well, studying the carbon dioxide (CO2) system in the Eastern North Atlantic. I then moved to Paris for a postdoc at the Université Pierre et Marie Curie, using drifting buoys to study the CO2 system in subantarctic waters. I have been working in Dr. Rik Wanninhkhof’s group at AOML in Miami, FL since 2010. I am in charge of our group’s coastal ocean acidification work, an effort funded by NOAA’s Ocean Acidification Program. I also participate on other cruises that our group is involved in as part of the Global Ocean Ship-based Hygrographic Investigations Program (GO-SHIP). This will be my second GOMECC cruise.

What I’m doing on this cruise: I am the chief scientist of the GOMECC-3 cruise. As such, my main role during the cruise will be to oversee operations and facilitate the work of the rest of participants. I will also assist with carbonate parameters sampling and analysis where needed.