Linda Barranco, UABC

Postdoctoral position, Autonomous University of Baja California, Oceanographic Research Institute

Linda Barranco

Bio: I am a marine biologist and always I have been interested in the coral reef ecosystems and how they are influenced by the sea’s chemist. Today I am working in the CO2 dynamics of the Platform of Yucatan, a very interesting karstic area, that it is part of the GOMECC 3 cruise. This cruise it is the first for me. I am very excited about that and I hope learn a lot.

What I’m doing on this cruise: We want to contribute to get an assessment of how accurate the calculated pCO2 is using the pH output (and alkalinity) by using a SeaFet sensor in underway mode to measure in real time every two minutes. Also, I will work taking samples and the measurements of total alkalinity in this cruise.