Yingjun Zhang, USF

PhD Student, University of South Florida College of Marine ScienceYZ

Bio: I used to study marine meteorology and physical oceanography when I was a bachelor. As for my research when I was an undergraduate, I used satellite altimeter data and buoy observations to study ocean surface stokes drift. My undergraduate thesis mainly focused on comparison of ocean surface latent heat flux(LHF) and sensible heat flux(SHF) over global oceans during 1994—2008 among Japanese Ocean Flux Data Sets with Use of Remote Sensing Observations(J-OFURO2) and Objectively Analyzed Air-sea Heat Fluxes(OAFlux). At the same time, I analyzed monthly 10-m wind speed(U10m), sea-air humidity difference and sea-air temperature difference from OAFlux and J-OFURO2 to find the causes for the discrepancies of LHF and SHF. Now I am a first-year PhD student, my recent research focuses on detection of ocean eddies. This is my first time at sea, and I am very excited.

What I’m doing on this cruise: I will collect optical data for satellite cal/val, and help collect the pCO2 data, CTD data, and possibly other data.

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